The best experiences
at Nasara

From surfing, yoga, snorkeling, swimming, trekking adventures to massage and yoga, Nasara resort offers you the best experiences! Solo travelers, families or couples, everyone can have a good time at Nasara resort.


Breathtaking trekking tours through tropical forests

You can explore the beautiful wildlife and jungle of the nearby islands. There are tours available to visit Siburu Island, where you can walk on the pristine beach and meet the Mentawai locals.

You can also go on a tour to Siberut. Siberut is one of the premier cultural and eco-trekking destinations in the world. Siberut National Park, covering 1900 square kilometers, is renowned for its unique fauna. Animal species found here are found nowhere else in the world.

Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell


Explore the beautiful reefs and marine life of the Mentawais

If you visit the underwater marine ecology of the Mentawais, you will not be disappointed. Home to a large variety of fish and coral reefs, among some of the most beautiful and diverse in Indonesia.

You can book different snorkeling trips where a guide will accompany you and make you feel safe and comfortable or just snorkel right in front of the resort, to see some beautiful fish, right after you wake up.


Everyday is a good day to do yoga

Enjoy yoga classes surrounded by nature and a few steps away from the ocean. Especially after activities such as snorkeling and surfing, yoga is perfect to relax and boost your mental and physical energy.

Practice the quieting of the mind, learn to control your breath and practice your balance. Yoga is perfect to lower your stress and train your body to be more flexible.


Massage? Yes please!

Get the best out of your stay at Nasara resort and enjoy a massage with one of our specialized masseurs.
Release all tension and enjoy the ultimate relaxation moment with one of our massages. Definitely recommended in combination with one of our yoga classes or after a day of surfing.

Enjoy your adventures with Us
We are your Second Family

Feel the comfort of resting, relaxing. We provide the best service like your own home. With the full hospitality of our crew.
Spend your enjoyable holiday with our service. Lots of fun activities that we can go through together.
We are proud when you are comfortable with us.