Investment in Nasara Resort

Invest outright in a (part of a) leased villa or use inhouse finance to become co-owner of the Nasare eco resort accommodation


PT Nasara International Projects (NIP)

A brief history about the PT Nasara International Projects and what they wish to achieve :

  • PT Nasara International Projects was formed in 2016 to build and construct a 37 Villa tourism resort.
  • The proposed tourism-based project is to be known as Nasara Resort located on Awera Island in the Mentawai Island chain, West Sumatra Indonesia.
  • Nasara is the first Resort in the Mentawai islands to offer a fully serviced commercial freshwater desalination unit producing fresh drinking water for its clientele.
  • The project has been under construction since 2016 with Stage 1 nearing completion at 95% completed.
  • Nasara is an environmentally friendly resort with its no 1 main power source being delivered via Solar with a generator back up system. Fresh drinking water of 25,000 liters per 24 hours is being produced via a desalination unit achieving 168,000 liter of fresh drinking water each week. Note, this water is also plumbed through all toilets, showers, kitchens and faucets.
  • Nasara is conceived as an iconic recreation destination to be enjoyed by locals and foreigners alike. International studies suggest that appropriate development in remote locations such as Awera Island can be financially feasible if the facilities and surroundings are genuinely outstanding on a world scale. The Mentawai Islands have already achieved this reputation courtesy of the international surfing, diving and fishing community. As a surfing destination few places on earth offer the diverse reliable waves on offer across the entire island group throughout the year. As an adventure destination it is a truly beautiful place well worth the effort to travel there. The developer was initially attracted to the property via word of mouth supported by reliable advice from other development experts. After several months of due consideration, formal acquisition occurred progressively during the last quarter of 2017 into early 2018. From the original land holding of 7350m2 it has now been expanded to approximately 43195m2 via the purchase of three adjoining land parcels. It is a clearly stated that the objective by the developer of PT Nasara International Projects to conduct all future construction activities within the development laws of Indonesia and to bring new ideas to allow for such projects to exist without damage to the environment. A key part of the development objective is to create a 4.5 star destination as required under the land zoning conditions. This classification standard would be according to the Indonesian Hotel Association criteria. With favourable local government support, this project is expected to expand the Mentawais business diversity and tourism infrastructure by adding a world class destination into the mix of island experiences. Nasara Resort will be developed in a manner respectful of local culture and will implement the best practice in terms of services provision including power, water and waste management. An important future development objective is to preserve the unique features and environment of the site context and to substantially maintain it’s tropical character. To help achieve that objective all buildings will be restricted to two levels maximum. Structures will be placed in and around significant vegetation where possible and will be supplemented by the propagation of endemic plants to infill where required. Built form will reflect a relaxed island aesthetic with strong earthquake proof construction and robust long lasting finishes. It is expected that around 50 construction jobs and up to 40 longer term operational jobs will be created by this project. These will be supported by a range of ‘on the job’ education and training programs. Careful consideration of existing environmental conditions has supported the resort’s future infrastructure planning which will incorporate clean water supply, solar power, sewerage and waste water treatment, stormwater filtering, hard waste compacted disposal, organic waste composting and mulching, high speed telecommunications, cyclone protection, seismic protection, tsunami and storm surge protection.

Stage 1

  • 500m2 Round House consisting of a 3 bed unit fully self-contained with 2 bathrooms plus a commercial kitchen and Dinning Room and Games Room
  • 6 x 1 bed unit accommodation building beach front (2 Levels)
  • Surfers Row accommodation consisting of 5 x 1 bed fully self-contained Studio’s with ensuites
  • 28 x 12 meter Boat Shed with a Generator and Solar rooms.
  • Workers accommodation to house 12 workers
  • Water Desalination Building
  • 168,000 liters of water storage
  • 200 meter concrete sea wall to protect from erosion
  • 12 meter resort vessel
  • 12 x 8 meter resort style pool with pool house and Gazebo.
  • Beach side eating pavilion.
  • 1000m2 Decking and beach side walkway


Stage 2 (2022/23)

  • Beach side reception Building
  • Boat Jetty
  • 600m2 Bar/ Restaurant
  • 25 x 12-meter Resort Style Beach Front Pool
  • 10 x Villa’s

Stage 3 (2023/24)

  • 12 Villas


Nasara resort is located on the south tip of the Awera island. This is a small island above the Sipura island, which is located in the Mentawais, on the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.


  • Our mission is to achieve a high level of eco resort accommodation supported by sustainable building practices whilst respecting and supporting the local people of the Mentawai Islands


  • Digital nomads want to share space with like-minded people who inspire them to grow their business whilst enjoying a relaxed resort style environment.


  • With Nasara, you can buy a leased Villa outright or take a 1/6th part position (fractured) in its lease ownership by way of paying outright or take up our generous offer of in-house finance over 5 years.

Projects and investment Strength

  • Location
  • Price (subject to Villa location)
  • Quality – 4.5 star world class resort accommodation
  • Guaranteed Net Rental Return of 9.00% net per annum
  • 25 Year Villa Lease arrangement
  • 8 week leased ownership allocation
  • Location derives high end rentable value
  • Pooled rental returns shared across all leases ensuring a fair rate of return with no investor being prejudiced.
  • Large Villa designs averaging 85m2 of internal self-contained living area