Indonesia’s Surfers

The Mentawai islands are one of the most wave-rich location on earth. There isn’t any other destination that offers as many perfect waves within 45 minutes of each other. It’s certainly a bucket list destination to anyone who want to surf the best tropical waves.


Every surfers’ playground

The Mentawai Islands are known as the holy grail of endless surf breaks. No matter the swell or wind direction, this incredible wave selection will provide you with unforgettable rides. The Mentawai island chain pack more perfect waves per square mile than any other surf destination. There are hundreds of surf breaks in the Mentawais – from world famous right-handers like Rifles and Lance’s Right to hollow lefts like Green Bush and Macaronis. The different breaks have been featured in countless surf movies over the years, with professionals and camera crews being a normal sight in the Mentawai Islands.

The Mentawai Islands surf spots are broken down into three areas – Playgrounds in the north, Sipura in the middle and Pagai in the south. These are serviced by the four main islands in the Mentawai Islands Regency – Siberut Island in the north, Sipura Island in the centre and North Pagai (Pagai-Utara Island) and South Pagai (Pagi-Selatan Island) in the south.

The Mentawai has the most amazing waves to offer for all surfing levels


If you’re a beginner with a few sessions of experience and able to stand up on the board, there is plenty of fun to find out here! If you don’t feel comfortable in the water, there are plenty of other fun activities to besides surfing!


The Mentawai are perfect for intermediate surfers. You will catch some of the best waves in your life. You can improve your surfing and challenge yourself every day with the most diverse waves!


Ask any pro surfer, and they will tell you Mentawai is home to some of the best surf spots. Pro surfers from all over the world come here to look for the highest quality waves. The islands with their unique reefs and powerful influence of SW swell have ideal surf conditions and a few dozens consistent breaks and warm water enable you to surf in boardshorts all year long.

"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun"

Phil Edwards

Because the Mentawai islands are positioned in the Indian Ocean, you can surf all year round. The islands are exposed to swells from pretty much every direction, but there are 3 different seasons to consider.

On season
(May - September)

This is the prime-time for the Mentawais. This season will provide you with the biggest swells of the year. If you want to get the barrel of your life and experience what true Indonesian surf is like then between May and September are the months for you.

Off season
(December – February)

The region is quiet and the weather is amazing. Which means you have perfect small waves in an empty line-up. Because the waves are smaller, this is a good season for beginners and intermediates.

Shoulder seasons
(March – April & October – November)

In this season, be prepared for everything. You will get solid overhead swells and small fun days. The waves are good and there are not so many people. This season is highly enjoyable for the skilled surfer, and particularly attractive to intermediate surfers.